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Raising Hands
About KVEC

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) is one of eight education cooperatives in Kentucky consisting of 26 member school districts. The organization serves well over 54,000 students and more than 3,000 educators. Housing a comprehensive Special Needs Cooperative, the state's largest non-urban Reading Recovery Program and an array of content specific projects and initiatives. There is no challenge facing our region, districts and schools that cannot be solved by the good minds and hard work of educators, students and the community at large.

The eastern Kentucky region, served by KVEC, is experiencing a Renaissance that is being led by school systems, educators, students and community members. Systems of dynamic supports and resources are being developed and used to continue the effort to lift the region out of generational poverty and historically poor educational outcomes. The work underway in Appalachian Kentucky is an important, significant and effective model that will inform and support other communities working to dramatically improve educational outcomes for students in rural schools nationally.

KVEC has built strategic partnerships with organizations throughout the United States that contribute to maximizing effort and extending impact. Collaborating partners include; US Department of Education Race to the Top, Investing in Innovation (i3), The Gates Foundation, multiple colleges and universities, The Rural Policy Research Institute, the RAND Corporation (as external evaluator), Digital Promise, the Center for Improving School Culture, and the Center for Rural Strategies.

Our Mission

KVEC's mission is to build the human capital of educators, learners, and community members to work together to solve the often pervasive challenges that exist in our rural region.

Our Vision

Reframe the education and community narrative in Appalachian Kentucky

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